This is the application form for International Storytelling in Estonia – Spring 2014.

You’ll be asked to answer several questions about yourself. These questions are important for the college and university for anyone who is traveling in a Kent State University sponsored trip. The most important questions are ones that come later in the application in which you tell us the reasons you want to participate in this year’s  International Storytelling project.

Here is a preview of those questions. You may want to think about your answers beforehand (and even compose them off line) to get them “just right.”

1.  What appeals to you about this class?

2  What do you hope to get out of the International Storytelling course?

3. The is a course in multimedia and converged storytelling.  What skills do you bring to the table that set you apart from other applicants?

4.  How confident are you about your ability to fund your portion of the travel for this course?

5. Each student will be asked to develop an area of expertise during the trip. Which areas might be of interest to you?

Click the Continue reading button below to see the application. (This is a Google Docs form.)