What is International Storytelling?

The basics:

  • Spring 2014 three-credit, full-semester course in international reporting.
  • Includes a two-week trip from March 14-30. The first 10 days we will be based at a host university in Tallinn, with a weekend trip to Helsinki planned. The final three days are likely to be tourism in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • English-speaking students from our host university will partner with KSU students to share, learn and translate.
  • Reporting and editing teams will produce stories for a multimedia site using audio, video, images and text.
  • Class to meet 5:30-8:15 p.m. Thursdays in 110 Franklin Hall during all of spring term to prepare before travel and publish after.
  • CCI undergraduate and graduate students welcome. Applications are required; ideally the 16 participants we take will bring a mix of skill sets.
  • Course taught by JMC professors Gary Hanson and Mitch McKenney. Contact them.
  • You will need a passport in hand by the first week of January. Our destinations will not require a visa.